Gas Odorant Monitoring
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GDS-68XP Odorant Monitor
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GDS-68XP Odorant Monitor

The GDS-68XP Odorant Monitor is designed to directly measure the level of mercaptan or THT-based odorant in a stream of natural gas. Sensors are available for 0-3 lbs/mmcf, 0-50 mg/m3 or 0-14 ppm. Up to twelve samples per day with excellent repeatability and long sensor left. Designed for use in Class I Division 1 hazardous areas


  • Periodic measurement on one to eight hour intervals
  • Sensors for mercaptan, THT and specific odorants
  • Reliable electrochemical sensor
  • Built-in flow meter and low flow warning switch
  • Ethernet, relays, MODBUS and analog output
  • High quality brushless sample / purge air pump
  • Prompted calibration procedure