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Odorant Monitors

Odorant Monitors

Odorant Monitors electronically sample the amount of mercaptan or THT odorants in natural gas streams to help energy companies ensure the safety of their industrial and residential customers, GDS Corp offers sensors tuned for mercaptan, tetrahydrothiophene, TBM + DMS blends, TBM + THT blends, TBM + MES blends and more.

GDS-68SXP Advanced Natural Gas Odorant Monitor

The GDS-68XP Odorant Monitor directly measures mercaptan and tetrahydrothiophene-based odorants in a stream of natural gas. By alternatively applying sample gas and clean purge air to the sensor, the GDS-68SXP delivers extended sensor life and significantly reduces the amount of sample gas released to the atmosphere.
Samples can be taken...

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GDS-68XP Natural Gas Odorant Monitor


The GDS-68XP Process Odorant Monitor for Natural Gas Streams uses highly reliable and low cost electrochemical sensors to directly measure mercaptans and other gases in a stream of 100% natural gas. The microprocessor-controlled sequencing system periodically samples the...

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