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Providing a stable and reliable source of power is fundamental to the design and implementation of any gas detection system. GDS Corp offers a full range of unterruptible battery-backup and solar power solutions designed to provide dependable DC power for systems ranging from single detectors to multi-point, multi-controller fixed systems with visual and audible alarms.


GDS Corp Solar Power Systems include a silicon nitride multicrystalline solar panel, solid state charge controller with automatic low voltage load disconnect, gelled-electrolyte storage battery (single or dual), aluminum battery enclosure, pre-wired circuit breakers and all the necessary interconnect cables and pole mounting hardware. Systems are sized to...

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The GDS UPS-X family of advanced, high efficiency DC-based uninterruptible power supplies are designed to provide temporary backup power for critical gas and flame detection systems where even short outages can result in minutes of downtime as the controllers restart and the sensors reestablish their normal operating conditions.

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