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Oxygen level monitors are most often referred to as oxygen detection systems, oxygen gas detection systems, and even an oxygen sensor. GDS Corp. manufactures a number of fixed gas detection systems that can be used to monitor oxygen levels, where the range of the monitor will be from 0% to 25% by volume. Oxygen level monitors used to monitor the level of oxygen in ambient areas for the purpose of the protection of personnel will be calibrated to monitor and indicate 20.9% oxygen in air, which is the normal level of oxygen in breathing air. Oxygen level monitors should be programmed to generate an alarm when the oxygen level drops to a value below 20.9% to indicate a potentially unsafe area. Oxygen depletion, as this is called, may be due to the oxygen being displaced by another gas or vapor which could be toxic or combustible, or even an inert material such as nitrogen, helium or argon used in a process under high pressure.

Another typical application for an oxygen level monitor is to continuously measure the amount of oxygen present in the confined spaces that are designed to contain an inert gas such as nitrogen; for example, in the form of a blanket of inert gas over the top of a combustible or toxic liquid that is meant to keep the liquid materials vapors from combining with oxygen to form a combustible mixture. In this case, a GDS-58NXP Sample Draw Monitor provides the pump needed to draw a sample from the area being monitored.

GDS Corp. manufactures a wide range of gas detectors that accept oxygen sensors, including the GASMAX II, two-wire GASMAX EC and new GASMAX CX with color display and built-in Ethernet. We’d be happy to work with you to provide the right oxygen monitoring application for your application. Please contact and discuss your application with the team at GDS Corp. to determine the proper fixed gas detection system and how best to utilize an oxygen level monitor for your application.

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