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Why Do You Need Industrial Gas Detectors?

An Industrial Gas Detector is an instrument used in industrial areas to continuously monitor and detect hazardous gases and vapors, and to generate audible and visual alarms to alert personnel to the existence of these hazards. These gases and vapors could be combustible, such as a hydrocarbon gas mixture in air, or a combustible solvent vapor, which can occur from a spill or leak of a solvent where vapors can form with air to create a combustible mixture of fuel and oxygen. The gas or vapor can also be a toxic material, such as Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Chlorine or Ammonia. Oxygen levels can also be monitored by an Industrial Gas Detector in areas where an inert gas could pose a potential risk to displacing the oxygen in ambient air where personnel are present.

An Industrial Gas Detector has several components, which are the sensor, detector, transmitter or controller, and a system to provide alarm annunciation which can be a facilities DCS or PLC system. Industrial Gas Detection systems can be as small as a single point gas detection system to monitor a single hazardous gas, or can consist of hundreds of gas detectors monitoring a number of combustible and toxic gases, such as in a refinery where methane, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, oxygen and benzene may all need to be detected for hazardous levels throughout the facility.

Industrial Gas Detectors are most often regulated as required safety systems due to the hazardous materials that exist in a facility. Because an Industrial Gas Detector is considered a safety system, it is, in many cases, installed as a standalone safety system with redundancy to the facility’s control system. There, processes are monitored and any Industrial Gas Detector alarm can require a shutdown of a process to mitigate further leaks or spills and contain the hazard that has been detected by the Industrial Gas Detector.

Industrial Gas Detection utilizes many types of sensor technologies, such as electrochemical sensors, catalytic bead combustible sensors, infrared combustible sensors and photoionization, or PID sensors, all of which have their own unique detection characteristics that are selected based on the target gas to be detected by an Industrial Gas Detector.

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