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Every gas sensor requires periodic, regular calibration a process that ensures continued reliability and safety. Because the active element in most gas sensors (with the exception of infrared combustible hydrocarbon or carbon dioxide sensors) is directly exposed to ambient air, and thus sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, it requires this routine checkup. Keep in mind that the air present at the sensor may also contain gases that impact the reliability of the device.

Gas Calibration equipment should also be used periodically to make certain alarm levels are properly set and that your facility can rely on the detection system for early warnings in the event of a slow leak or catastrophic failure.

In order to properly calibrate a gas detector, reference calibration gas needs to be applied accurately and correctly to the sensor. Depending on the sensor, the recommended calibration gas might be the actual target gas or a replacement, or surrogate gas. Combustible gas sensors may be calibrated using propane or methane, while toxic gas sensors would be calibrated with either the actual target gas (best case) or a surrogate gas if the actual target gas is too expensive, too dangerous or impossible to obtain.

Depending on the application, calibration gas can be provided in either a pressurized cylinder or by a calibration gas generator. Typically, non-reactive gases with long shelf life, such as methane or hydrogen sulfide, are provided in steel or aluminum cylinders. On the other hand, very reactive gases like chlorine are usually generated in real time, using a calibration gas generator that combines two non-toxic chemicals to form the target compound. Another advantage found with calibration gas generators is that generators typically don’t contain hazardous materials, and are therefore safer and less costly to ship. GDS Corp provides both calibration gas generators and calibration gas cylinders for a range of combustible and toxic gases.

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