For our commercial and industrial clients, GDS Corp provides the finest in gas and flame detectors. With safety, reliability, cost effectiveness and ease of use as constant goals, we are proud to produce the fixed gas detector that ensures protection.

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Fixed gas detector systems consist of permanently installed toxic or combustible gas detectors in areas where gas may be present, one or more centrally located alarm and display controllers and associated warning lights and horns. Unlike portable gas detectors that are typically carried by employees, fixed gas monitoring systems provide 24 hour coverage and monitoring for areas where hazardous gases may be present.

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Sensor location is critical and can be based on two scenarios. One option is to place sensors in close proximity to valves, tanks, weld joints, flanges, manifolds or other potential sources of leaks. Alternatively, detectors could be placed in areas where leaking gas might accumulate, such as confined spaces, pump or equipment sumps, air return ducts or high enclosed ceilings. The location of the sensor should be based on the density of the gas, and placed close to the floor if the gas is heavier than air, and higher up if the gas is lighter. Sensors for oxygen depletion or other similarly dense gases should be mounted between five and eight feet about ground level. Detectors that allow the display to be installed at eye level while remote sensors are installed above or below this point make it easier for safety inspectors to monitor the readings and for technicians to easily calibrate the detectors without having to utilize lifts or ladders.

Fixed gas detectors require periodic calibration to maintain their ability to recognize and warn of hazardous conditions. GDS Corp recommends that all fixed gas monitors be calibrated at least once every three to six months, with more frequent “bump tests” as determined by experience with the installation and environmental conditions. Each GDS Corp fixed gas detector feature user-prompted two-step calibration that makes this critically necessary task quick and easy.

Finally, most fixed gas monitor systems are connected to plant-wide Digital Control Systems (DCS) that monitor a broad range of safety hazards, and provide a comprehensive view of plant conditions to key safety personnel. All GDS Corp controllers include both relay outputs and MODBUS serial data links; the new C64 sixty-four channel controller includes five alarm relays, two serial MODBUS ports and built-in Ethernet with remote configuration options. New for 2014, GDS Corp C2/TX and C64 Protector controllers include options for both satellite and cellular phone modems that allow remote access to gas detection data from around the world via cellphone, tablet or personal computer.

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