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At GDS Corp., we put years of experience to work in the name of keeping you, your employees and your property safe. For the gas and flame detection that countless organizations in the commercial and industrial sectors count on, don't trust anyone else.

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CO2 meters are important to places that use the gas regularly, such facilities that manufacture aerosol cans. We are committed to providing the safe, reliable, easy to use and cost effective products that register its existence before it causes a problem. Among the clients we most regularly serve are those from the municipal, military, offshore, oil and gas, water and waste water, chemical processing, marine and many other industries. Beyond the CO2 meter, we provide devices for the detection of natural, combustible and toxic gases, as well as flames and volatile organics.

CO2 Meters You Can Count On

A CO2 Meter, also referred to as a CO2 Detector, CO2 Monitor or a CO2 Gas Detection System, uses an Infrared sensor to monitor and alarm for hazardous levels of CO2 present in the atmosphere or in a process. CO2 levels are typically monitored in percent by volume ranges, such as 0-2% v/v, 0-5% v/v and even 0-100% v/v.

A CO2 Meter will have several components that make up the CO2 gas detection system, which can be the Infrared Detector, a Transmitter and a Controller, PLC or DCS where the Transmitter outputs are connected for the purposes of central alarm and control based on CO2 Meter readings.

A CO2 Meter should be an integral part of a facility's safety system, providing real time monitoring and alarm annunciation protecting personnel from the hazardous gases, such as high levels of CO2 present in the atmosphere.

Every digital CO2 meter from GDS Corp uses the most advanced technology and comes with unparalleled features and capabilities. You can rest assured that you, your employees and your property are safe from the potentially lethal effects of CO2 when one of our detectors is on the scene.

Beyond Carbon Dioxide Detection

GDS Corp specializes in seeking out dangerous gases, though there are plenty of other safety concerns in industrial facilities. Come to us for flame detection, alarm controls, process monitors, calibration supplies, power systems, sample draw systems and more. For many of our clients, detection systems work together to ensure the utmost in protection.

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Our application engineers and full staff are standing by, ready to help you decide which detection system is most essential to your business. We'll take time to understand what you require, and work with you on budget and time parameters. When you need a CO2 meter, there's no one you can trust more than GDS Corp call today!

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