GDS Corp is passionate about providing gas detection systems to those working in the commercial and industrial sectors. For combustible gases, the traditional technology used is a catalytic gas detector, more properly called a catalytic bead gas detector. Let us put our years of experience to work for you and your large or small business, and support the safety of you and your employees and property.

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The Best Catalytic Gas Detector for Your Business

Gas sensors with catalytic bead elements are generally used to detect combustible gases, and have been serving that purpose for over 50 years. A catalytic gas sensor operates on the principal that the temperature of a heated sensor element, if coated with palladium or platinum catalyst, will increase in the presence of a combustible gas. As the temperature rises, the resistance of the sensor changes, signaling the presence of combustible gas to the microprocessor. Catalytic gas sensors have the advantage of responding to most all combustible gases, and are especially important in the detection of hydrogen, a gas not detectable by detectors based on infrared absorption.

However, since these sensors are exposed directly to ambient air, the presence of certain gases, like halogen-containing volatile substances, may temporarily interfere with the sensor’s operation. Worse, substances like silicon-based oils and anti-knock compounds can damage sensor performance permanently.

GDS Corp’s GASMAX II and GASMAX CX gas detector products with catalytic bead sensors give you rock solid performance along with amazing reliability. They’re certified for use in hazardous areas where it’s likely that combustible gases are present. Calibration is easy and fast with user-prompted calibration procedures, and Smart Sensor technology maintains a record of the catalytic detector performance. It also helps the GASMAX estimate the amount of life a sensor has left at the end of each calibration cycle.

Other Products from GDS Corp

In addition to our catalytic gas detectors, GDS Corp offers flame detectors, wireless systems, power systems, process monitors, calibration supplies and more. The gases we detect include volatile, natural, toxic and combustible. Our application engineers will be glad to talk to you about your particular needs and how we can meet them.

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Our worldwide client base includes companies in the marine, municipal, offshore, semiconductor, oil and gas, water, waste water and chemical processing industries. For each customer, GDS Corp strives to offer solutions that are safe, reliable, cost effective and easy to use. Whether it’s a single catalytic bead gas detector or full gas detection system, we have the solutions you need.

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