Welcome to GDS Corp, a worldwide supplier of and gas and flame detection systems for a wide range of industrial and commercial clients. Among the industries we serve are oil and gas, water and waste water, chemical processing, offshore and semiconductor. Our #1 goal is to deliver high quality gas detection systems to our customers that combine high reliability, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

GDS Corp is proud to be an industry leader in product features and capabilities. We are passionate about customer support and continuously strive to satisfy the needs of our customers. No matter the size of your detection system, our gas detectors and alarm control panels can handle the challenge.

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Designed for centralized control of alarm processing for gas and flame detection, the GDS Corp C64 Protector Series Gas Alarm Control Panel is intended for institutional, industrial and safety applications. The C64 Protector Alarm Control Panel provides sensor excitation power and constantly monitors sensor readings for alarm conditions. Programmable relays send warnings if any point in the system exceed a present level. Designed for a wide range of applications, the C64 Protector Alarm Control Panel can be customized for your particular needs by incorporating a mix of bridge or analog input modules, wireless radios and relay or analog output modules. The C64 Protector supports up to 64 wireless or wired inputs with up to four 16 analog input modules that support industry standard 4-20mA devices. The C-64 Protector Alarm Control panel includes five standard relays and two independent MODBUS serial ports. Channels from similar sensor types or locations may be grouped together into zones, with each zone programmable for operating independent relays. Support for zones, voting and channel overrides can eliminate the need to provide a Programmable Logic Controller.

The standard GDS C-64 Protector alarm control panel includes an Ethernet output and is available in NEMA 4X stainless steel, NEMA 4X non-metallic enclosures and a 19 inch EIA rack. With a full color, high resolution display the panel shows your system and alarm status in real time.

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GDS Corp also supplies uninterruptible battery backup or solar power systems for gas detection systems, including the C64 Alarm Control Panel, These clean power supplies eliminate power outages and maintain a constant excitation voltage for sensors, eliminating the warm-up delay that occurs when sensor power is lost and restored.

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