To keep your employees as well as your facility safe, it is imperative to use the latest technology. For many companies, this means investing in state-of-the-art security systems. And as technology has evolved, the majority of these systems are now wireless, making them more versatile than ever in terms of features and capabilities. If you are preparing to purchase a wireless alarm system for your facility, here are some reasons why it should be wireless.


As with most advances in technology, the costs associated with them tend to lead to lower costs over time, and wireless alarms are no exception. With the latest electronics and ability to be easily installed in virtually any type of work environment, wireless alarm kits can fit into almost any safety budget for a company. Now considered to be very accurate and reliable, once a wireless system is installed, it will be able to provide high levels of protection for many years.

Easy System Integration

Since most industrial facilities, laboratories, and similar areas have wireless networks installed when built or upgrade to these systems later on, today’s security systems are made to be easily integrated within these networks. In doing so, they can often work in conjunction with other existing alarm systems, gathering data and transmitting it in real-time to monitoring centers, where personnel can make much quicker decisions regarding emergency situations.

Various Features

Since these systems offer 24/7 monitoring, they are now equipped with numerous features. Along with sending information to off-site monitoring centers, they can also use their wireless technology to be linked to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. With this feature, management personnel as well as on-site security personnel can have constant access to security data, allowing them to make quick decisions should the need arise. Along with this, they can have access to the latest security information no matter where they happen to be located, whether on or off the facility’s grounds.

Wide Range of Monitoring

Because many facilities are quite large, it can sometimes be difficult to adequately provide security monitoring in all areas, especially confined spaces or other areas that may be more isolated. By implementing wireless alarm monitoring, this can no longer be an issue. Since wireless technology allows for linking to all areas of a facility, monitoring can become much more efficient in these and other areas. This is especially important for employees such as maintenance technicians and other similar personnel who spend much of their time in these areas, since they will be able to perform their tasks knowing their areas are being closely monitored.

With wireless technology now becoming the norm in almost all modern facilities, companies are discovering the many benefits associated with wireless alarm packages. From their many features to ability to work well in even harsh work areas, today’s work environments require the latest systems. To learn more about how security systems that utilize wireless technology can benefit your facility, contact GDS at or by calling 409-927-2980.