In any type of industrial facility, there is always the possibility of a toxic or combustible gas buildup. Because of this, companies are always searching for new monitoring methods to keep workers and facilities as safe as possible. With numerous advances in technology in recent years, one of the most innovative methods of gas detection is open path gas detection. Able to quickly detect levels of dangerous gases, open path detectors not only work well in numerous types of work environments, but also offer many features not found in other types of gas detection systems.

Wireless Data Networks

Since these monitors are equipped with electronics that allow them to be easily integrated within a company’s wireless data network, they can monitor data in real-time, then send that data to engineers at nearby monitoring centers, as well as to managers and technicians located on-site at the facility. By doing so, numerous people in key positions have access to the data, enabling decisions to be made in a reliable and efficient manner when potentially serious situations arise.

Mobile Capabilities

As companies begin to rely more and more on the use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, today’s open path gas detectors are equipped to be easily linked to these devices. Especially useful for workers who spend hours in confined spaces, or for managers and engineers who may be in various areas of a facility throughout their workday, having access to gas level data through mobile devices can enhance safety, while also being very efficient.

Large-Scale Monitoring

Whether on a pipeline in an isolated area that’s surrounded by rugged terrain, a chemical processing plant spread out over many acres of land, or an offshore drilling platform in the middle of the ocean, an open path combustible gas detector is made to easily perform large-scale monitoring of these and other areas. By using combustible gas detectors, along with an open path infrared gas detector that relies on infrared beams to detect many different types of dangerous gases simultaneously, large industrial areas can be made extremely safe 24/7.

Cost-Efficient Monitoring

Along with wanting detection systems that are accurate and reliable, companies also want gas detection systems that are cost-efficient and affordable. Open path detection systems provide all of these aspects, since they require very little calibration or maintenance to be effective. Proven to work well in areas with extreme temperatures, high humidity levels, or areas prone to dirt, dust, and other factors, maintenance technicians and engineers can easily install, calibrate, and monitor these detectors with much less effort than detectors of years past. Along with these advantages, many companies find they only need one detector to safely monitor their entire facility, which can save tremendous amounts of money as well.

Learn More about Open Path Technology

As companies learn more about open path technology, they usually start to believe this will be their best option for keeping workers and facilities safe. To learn more about this innovative technology, contact Global Detection Systems.

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