Whether it’s workers on an offshore drilling platform or production workers on an automotive assembly line, flammable gas is one of the most dangerous hazards they face each day. In an effort to keep their workers as safe as possible, companies have made large investments in recent years in flammable gas detection equipment. From confined spaces to pipelines, flammable gas detectors can play a large part in preventing catastrophic events from occurring. But when it comes to knowing what to do to prevent these events, many companies often have more questions than answers. To gain a greater understanding of how to prevent serious events, here are some key points to consider.

Wireless Networks

Whether it’s a pipeline that’s miles and miles long or a manufacturing facility that is spread out over a large area, today’s workers need to have instant access to data in being able to detect dangerous gas buildups. Because of this, many of today’s flammable gas monitors are able to be easily integrated into a wireless network. By having this capability, they can send real-time data to smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, allowing workers to always have access to the latest information.

Well-Trained Employees

Since it’s so important to detect flammable gases, having well-trained employees who can read and calibrate the detectors can keep a workplace much safer. This is especially important in situations where workers may be dealing with ever-changing work environments, since conditions that lead to gas buildups can occur very quickly. By having workers who understand how these detectors work, it’s possible to prevent catastrophic events from happening.

Consider the Elements

To ensure detectors will always be able to detect dangerous gas levels, make sure you choose detectors that will work well in your particular workplace elements. To do so, consider if the detectors will be inside or outside, or if they will be exposed to other factors such as extreme temperatures, high humidity levels, or dust and dirt. By knowing the environment in which the detectors will be placed, you’ll be able to have employees who are completely protected from possible danger.

Multiple Gas Monitoring

Because most industrial environments contain multiple types of gases, it’s important to have monitors that are capable of monitoring a variety of gases simultaneously. By having this level of versatility, a workplace can be made much safer. In addition to this, the detectors should also be equipped with certain security features and parameters, allowing managers and safety engineers the option to lock in security settings that will keep the detectors properly calibrated. By doing so, they can be sure the data being sent is accurate and reliable.

Make Safety Your Top Priority

By choosing detectors that can be versatile as well as accurate and reliable, workers for virtually any company can be much safer each day. To make safety your top priority, it’s important to have as much information as possible. To do so, contact GDS Corporation at 409-927-2980 or fill out a contact form at www.gdscorp.com.

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