Since facilities in numerous industries always have the threat of undetected gas leaks or buildups that can result in fires and explosions, it is vital to have detection systems that can be accurate, reliable, and versatile. Along with this, it is also important to conduct business with a company that has in-depth knowledge of monitors, sensors, and detectors that are used in all types of industries. While there are many companies worldwide that deal in these detection systems, more and more companies are finding the experts at Global Detection Systems in Houston have the knowledge and experience needed to solve the most complex problems regarding gas detection.

Experienced Personnel

When it comes to having experienced personnel, no company can match Global Detection System. Possessing a team of Applications Engineers that have experience in numerous industries, clients can count on these skilled professionals to help them develop and design gas and flame detection and monitoring systems that can be customized to a client’s specific needs. Along with this, when clients experience problems or have questions about their systems, GDS Applications Engineers can work to help solve the most complex issues.

Serving Various Industries

Since gas and flame detection and monitoring systems are used in many different industries, it is crucial to work with a company that has experience dealing with clients who have varying needs. For clients that work with Global Detection Systems, this is exactly what they get. Whether it is chemical plants, power companies, offshore drilling platforms, medical research laboratories, water treatment facilities, or settings within other industries, clients can be assured GDS engineers are able to answer their questions and find the solutions they need to keep their employees and facilities as safe as possible.

Wide Variety of Products

Since no two facilities are ever exactly alike, it is important to make sure the monitors and detectors selected are well-suited for the work environment and other demands they will encounter once installed. Therefore, clients should always work with a company that has the widest array of products needed for their situations. For clients that work with Global Gas Detection Systems, they can have access to a wide variety of products to meet their needs. From wireless systems that can be linked to mobile devices such as smartphones, open path gas detectors, alarm controllers that can assist with security, calibration supplies to help engineers ensure monitors and detectors are transmitting accurate readings 24/7, and many other products, clients can have the opportunity to learn which products can perform best in their facilities.

Contact GDS

When deciding which company to trust with the safety of your facility and employees, look no further than Global Flame Detection Systems. To learn more about why GDS has been trusted over the decades for its experience and knowledge, visit for more details. Or if you prefer to speak with an Applications Engineer on the phone, call 409-927-2980. By doing so, you’ll learn exactly why GDS should be your first choice for safety.

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