In many industrial and lab settings, especially those containing confined spaces, it is necessary to install gas detection systems that are capable of monitoring for volatile organic compounds, commonly known as VOC. However, due to the complexities involved in accurately monitoring for these compounds, it can be difficult to know which system will work best within a particular work environment. Whether using fixed or portable volatile organic compound detectors, having a better understanding of these detectors can be significant in helping prevent either a toxic gas buildup or even a fire or explosion.

Portable Monitoring Units

Since VOC can be found in many different environments, those working in confined spaces or in many different areas of a facility during their shift are made much safer once they carry portable VOC monitors. Built with state-of-the-art electronics allowing for detection of extremely small amounts of VOC, these units offer many advantages. No bigger than a cellphone, they can be carried by hand or clipped to belts or clothing. In addition, they use wireless networks that can link to mobile devices, allowing them to transmit real-time data to on-site engineers with smartphones or tablets. Since a VOC buildup can occur in only minutes within a confined space, these VOC detectors play a critical role in employee safety.

Complex Data Analysis

Along with having advanced electronics that can accumulate large amounts of data, VOC meters can also perform extremely precise calibrations based on changing environmental conditions. Able to self-calibrate as well as be programmed by engineers in remote monitoring centers, the meters can function well in even the harshest of work environments, be it offshore drilling platforms with high humidity levels or industrial plants where temperature extremes, dust and dirt, and equipment vibrations are common. By accumulating large amounts of data and sending it to engineers and technicians, problems such as equipment malfunctions, production shutdowns, and dangerous gas buildups can be avoided.

Maintenance and Production Schedules

In many facilities where gas detectors VOC are installed, it becomes much easier for companies to maintain efficient maintenance and production schedules. Since there are multitudes of equipment that need to be constantly monitored, installing these detectors in strategic locations allows for a constant stream of accurate and reliable data. As a result, it can be much easier to have technicians examine various pieces of equipment and make the necessary repairs, installations, or troubleshooting to keep a facility’s day-to-day operations on track. In addition, having up-to-date maintenance and production schedules allows engineers, technicians, and supervisors to examine data for possible trends that could point to potential problems with toxic gas buildups.

While VOC detection equipment contains complex electronics and software, it is deemed to be very reliable and able to function well almost anywhere. However, it is necessary to understand as much as possible about these systems before installing them in your facility. If you need to learn more about how these detectors function and perform in the workplace, contact GDS Corporation at 409-927-2980 or online at