In numerous types of industrial facilities, many workers often spend a good part of their day in enclosed spaces, where they install or repair equipment. However, since these areas are some of the most dangerous areas for buildups of toxic or combustible gases, it’s crucial to have monitoring equipment in place that can quickly alert employees and others to potential danger. To do so, portable infrared gas detectors are often used by workers to quickly detect gas buildups in these areas, enabling them to evacuate before a situation becomes critical. To learn more about the importance of gas monitoring equipment in enclosed spaces, here are some additional details to consider.

Work Environments

Because there are many different types of work environments within industrial settings, it’s crucial to choose infrared gas sensors that can provide accurate and reliable data no matter the surrounding environment. As a result, today’s IR gas detectors are equipped with advanced electronics, enabling them to work well in areas where high or low temperatures, humidity, dust, dirt, and other factors may come into play. With this technology, even the smallest gas concentrations can be detected, making enclosed spaces much safer.

Real-Time Data Networks

When dangerous gas levels are detected in an enclosed space, time is of the essence. Because of this, these infrared sensors are designed to transmit data in real-time across sophisticated data networks. Whether sending data to monitoring centers located many miles away or to maintenance supervisors or safety engineers located on-site at the facility, this instantaneous transmission of data can help prevent many unnecessary tragedies. And along with these advantages, workers in enclosed spaces can have the advantage of having constant access to this data as well, enabling them to make quick decisions regarding repairs or evacuations.

Hands-Free Capability

When working in enclosed spaces, it’s only natural that maintenance technicians need to keep their hands free as much as possible so that repairs and installation of equipment can be done as quickly as possible. By having access to infrared hydrocarbon gas detectors that allow for hands-free monitoring of gas levels, workers can not only perform their maintenance tasks in a timely manner, but also have peace of mind knowing they can have instant access to the latest gas measurements in their area.

Connection to Mobile Devices

With mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets finding their way into more and more industrial work environments today, the majority of gas monitoring equipment used for enclosed spaces is capable of linking to these devices through wireless technology. By having this capability, the detectors can alert supervisors and emergency personnel to impending danger, enabling safety procedures to go into effect much faster.

Speak with GDS

Due to the increasing levels of technology within these types of gas monitoring equipment, a variety of companies are turning to these detectors to protect employees and facilities. To discuss how they can become a part of your company’s safety program, contact Global Detection Systems to speak with an experienced Applications Engineer.

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