From a manufacturing plant where gases and chemicals are present to offshore drilling platforms that contain many confined spaces, volatile organic compounds can pose a tremendous danger. Because of this, companies in these and other industries choose to invest in VOC monitoring systems that utilize state-of-the-art technology to keep workers and facilities safe. By minimizing risks on the job, not only do companies keep their workers safe, but also avoid situations that could lead to a shutdown of the facility, which can lead to losses that may total millions of dollars. To learn more about the benefits offered by these systems, here are some details regarding their most important features.

Withstand Harsh Environments

As more companies have started to realize the value of volatile organic compounds sensors, most systems have been designed to withstand various types of harsh work environments. Whether it’s an area that is prone to extreme temperatures, high humidity levels, or dust and dirt, VOC sensors are equipped to have the ability to transmit accurate and reliable data to monitoring personnel 24/7. By doing so, they can be installed in more and more facilities, making them a key aspect of industrial safety programs.

Confined Space Monitoring

If there is one area in many facilities that poses a serious danger with employees being exposed to volatile organic compounds, it’s confined spaces. Very often, these are areas where maintenance personnel spend much of their day installing, testing, and repairing equipment. But since these areas are often very isolated, workers may have few options if an emergency occurs. To guard against this, companies often purchase portable VOC gas sensors for their employees who spend large amounts of time in these areas. Small enough to be clipped to shirt pockets or belts, these sensors can not only give workers accurate and reliable information, but also send data in real-time to on-site managers and off-site engineers in monitoring centers. By doing this, workers can be alerted to potentially dangerous situations, allowing them to evacuate before becoming seriously injured.

Detection Capabilities

As technology has continued to evolve regarding VOC detectors, their detection capabilities have become more and more advanced. Since they are made to be used in various work environments, they must have a wide detection range. Thus, most of today’s systems have ranges of up to 20 parts per billion, allowing them to function well virtually anywhere. And to make sure workers don’t get caught in situations where their detectors may fail, they also now come equipped with long-life batteries that are rechargeable. Able to recharge in as little as eight hours, most detectors can then be guaranteed at least 24 hours of continuous usage.

Learn More

No matter what industry you are involved with, it’s crucial to provide workers with the equipment necessary to keep them safe while on the job. Thus, there is no better time than now to learn more about the importance of these monitoring systems. To do so, contact Global Detection Systems at 409-927-2980 or

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