Installing a catalytic gas detector in your facility is a safe way of measuring the harmful gases that build up in the air. Your business is dependent on the gas detector for your protection, and the gas detector may be installed in a few different places. Choose wisely from the list below, or ensure that a gas detector appears in each spot listed.

1: In Your Atrium

Every large facility has an atrium or common area where most employees go every day. This open area may be the production area, an office or a meeting room. Placing the catalytic gas detector on the wall will help detect gas that is wafting into the room from another part of the building. The gas detector displays a level for the gases found in the room, and you may monitor the levels as you pass by.

2: In The Warehouse

It is possible that your warehouse will trap gases emitted from products stored there, or the warehouse may be too close to the production area. Your gas detector will give a readout for the enclosed area, and the sensors may be placed in several different parts of the room.

3: In An Underground Work Area

Underground work areas must be monitored even more than facilities that are above ground. The underground facility has very few places where gas can escape, and you must have a gas detector going at all times for the safety of your staff. Place the gas detector at different points in the underground work area, and ensure that you have a reading from each detector as the work area goes farther underground. Employees who are farther underground are more likely to encounter toxic gases, and the detector can tell them the content of the air they are breathing.

4: In Your Office

Every office in a large facility should have a catalytic gas detector if you fear gas leaks. Workers stuck in an office with leaking gas may not be aware of the danger they face, but the gas detector will alert employees to elevated gas levels in their office.

5: The Security Desk

Your security staff must be alerted to rising gas levels in your building. The security team can evacuate your building quickly if there is a leak, and they can use detectors to alert you to problems. You must put the safety of your staff above everything else, and you should install a gas detector where your security team can see it.

Every location for a gas detector in your building gives you much better protection from gas leaks. Gas leaks in your building can occur due to production or pipe bursts, and these detectors help you understand if these toxic gases are building up. You may choose to place your detectors in every space listed here, but you must keep watch on the detectors at all times.