A robotic gas detector has been developed which can be invaluable in detecting gas leakage at industrial facilities. This detector was developed as part of AUTONOMIK, a German technology programme, a consortium of nine companies and various research institutes. It eliminates human error and can be used to reach difficult to access areas, making it a welcome entrant into the world of gas detection. When it comes to gas monitoring instruments, it is important to evaluate both, the pros and cons of such equipment and select one that is most suitable to the facility and the need. Read this article to learn more about this robotic gas detector.

A Robot Can Now Detect Gas Leakage Without Having Direct Access To Hazardous Areas

The new robotic gas detector eliminates the need for manual inspection and detection of gas leaks at industrial facilities. It will result in safer operations and enable timely detection of gas leaks, without endangering the lives of workers. The robotic gas detector uses navigation sensors to achieve independent mobility.

Paul Boughton said in a recent article:

“Incorporating a FLIR GF320 optical gas imaging camera, the RoboGasInspector is able to perform inspection tasks in industrial facilities without having to access hazardous areas directly – and without requiring any human presence. The robotic system can be used for routine inspection of facilities or for targeted inspection of specific parts of plants.”

The Robotic Gas Detector Can Cover Larger Areas At A Faster Rate

This gas detector has a useful safety feature that prevents itself from posing a hazard. It shuts down the entire system at 10% of the lower explosion limit (LEL) to prevent additional risk in a flammable atmosphere. Another advantage of using this robotic gas detector is that it can cover larger areas at a faster rate, when compared to conventional methods of gas detection. This can help in early identification of gas leaks and prompt necessary action to plug the leakage, without letting the situation go out of hand.

As said in a recent news article:

“Optical imaging with thermal imaging cameras such as the FLIR GF320 offers numerous advantages, as larger areas can be covered significantly faster than with conventional methods and detection also succeeds in sectors that are difficult to access with contact measuring devices.”

The robotic gas detector makes it convenient to detect gas leakage at industrial facilities, making it an invaluable equipment in the world of gas detection. It is time for chemical facilities and gas processing facilities to invest in this robotic gas detector to protect workers and equipment.

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