In various work environments, fires and explosions can happen instantly. Whether in an offshore drilling platform, medical research laboratory, or manufacturing plant, having a detection system in place to ensure these dangerous situations do not develop is vital to the safety of employees. Since it is important to choose detection systems that utilize the latest technology, many companies use combustion leak detectors as part of their industrial safety program.

Advanced Electronic Systems

As technology has made many strides in the development of combustion detectors, one of the main areas that has led to improved accuracy and reliability has been the use of advanced electronic systems within these detectors. By implementing programmable electronic systems as part of these detectors, false alarms are kept to a minimum, and data that is transmitted in real-time to monitoring centers is accurate and reliable, making calibration much simpler.

Smart Technology

With many combustion gas leak detection systems, the use of smart technology has resulted in a variety of new features. For example, by using sensors equipped with smart technology, the detection systems can transmit accurate real-time data, predict various environmental changes in a work area, and continually calibrate based on current environmental conditions. By doing so, the detectors are able to alert engineers to certain problems or conditions regarding sensitive equipment and machinery. As a result, engineers can inspect, repair, and troubleshoot equipment before a serious malfunction or breakdown occurs, preventing production delays as well as possibly dangerous fires or explosions.

Information Storage

Acting as small versions of supercomputers, today’s combustion gas leak detectors are able to gather, retrieve, and store vast amounts of information. Because of this, they can allow engineers to not only analyze current data, but also past data to see how it compares with current information. As a result, engineers, maintenance technicians, and safety personnel can evaluate the data and make changes to various safety practices and policies, equipment maintenance and installation guidelines, and much more.

State-of-the-Art Displays

Whether conducting routine maintenance or needing to have easy access to data during an emergency situation, it is crucial engineers and other personnel be able to rely on a combustion gas detector to do exactly this and more. To make sure data from a detector is available in this manner, companies now use detectors that feature high-tech displays and graphs, both of which show real-time data that is easily analyzed.

Consider Your Environmental Conditions

When selecting a combustion detection system, always make sure you take your facility’s work environment into consideration. In many situations, industrial facilities and labs have areas where high humidity levels, temperature extremes, dust, dirt, shocks and vibrations, and other factors can make it difficult to always have accurate and reliable data. To guard against these conditions, designers of modern combustion detection systems shield the detector’s electronics in a protective casing, allowing for the continual transmission of real-time data in an accurate manner.

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