In the oil and gas industry, monitoring for gas in confined spaces is an important aspects of a company’s safety program. Whether on an offshore oil rig or within the confines of a large manufacturing facility, numerous workers each day spend large amounts of time in confined spaces. To ensure they are able to complete their tasks safely and successfully, most companies now install gas meters in confined spaces to alert workers and others nearby to potential danger. In order to ensure your workplace offers a safe environment, here are some additional reasons why a gas meter is needed for confined spaces.

Monitoring and Analysis

Thanks to advances in today’s monitoring technology, gas meters now have the capability to send data miles away for analysis by safety engineers and others. By utilizing this aspect of technology, workers in confined spaces can be assured of having gas levels in their work areas constantly monitored and analyzed by trained safety personnel. In the event gas concentrations within a confined space area begin to approach dangerous levels, they can be alerted immediately to evacuate until it is deemed safe to reenter the area. With the capability to analyze not only current data but also data from past dangerous events, safety engineers and company managers can gain a greater understanding of what creates these dangerous situations.

Instant Detection

When workers are in a confined space, having the ability to be alerted as fast as possible to possible danger is of the utmost importance. A gas meter will allow just that, with most giving extremely accurate and reliable results within 10-15 seconds. If conditions warrant evacuation, the gas meter will also alert workers by using warning lights or sirens to provide additional safety measures for evacuation.

Multiple Gas Monitoring

One of the biggest advantages of having a gas meter installed in confined spaces is having the ability to monitor for multiple gases simultaneously. By being able to alert workers to dangerous levels of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocarbons, and other lethal gases, worker safety can be greatly improved. Along with this, additional tasks can be completed within confined spaces so long as workers have instant access to current gas levels.

Harsh Working Conditions

Whether in a manufacturing plant or offshore rig, most confined spaces offer some of the harshest working conditions for workers. Therefore, having a gas meter that is designed to withstand extreme heat, humidity, dirt, and other conditions can make all the difference when it comes to keeping people safe day after day. Due to their ability to hold up under these conditions, workers can also be assured of having few if any false alarms transmitted by gas meters. As technology becomes more advanced with gas meters, many workers in confined spaces are now able to carry handheld gas meters for additional safety. By using these devices, it’s possible for employees to spend extended periods of time in confined spaces if necessary, allowing them to complete their work while having peace of mind.

Joe Mabel or CC BY-SA 3.0 (), via Wikimedia Commons

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