Gas leaks can be devastating to the environment, as it can accelerate the greenhouse effect, making the climate warmer. Industrial facilities that produce gas as a by-product or leak gas due to faulty equipment need to be monitored and repaired promptly to prevent further damage to the environment. There are many gas monitoring systems that you can use to detect gas leak, depending on the type of your facility. Read this article to find out why leak detection efforts need to be stepped up to control gas leaks from oil and gas wells and pipelines.

Regular Maintenance – Key To Timely Detection of Leaks

Having a proper maintenance schedule and sticking to it goes a long way in identifying faulty equipment or cracks in the pipeline, helping cap gas leaks. Taking steps to control the leak from getting out of hand will prevent possible explosion due to combustion of the gas.

Lars Larsson of Schneider Electric said in a recent article:

“Proper maintenance allows a business to detect leaks and act on them to prevent environmental and economic loss, as well as create a detection plan to work off of  as time goes on. When anomalies show up they should be promptly investigated and maintained. Using the hydraulic model, a pipeline controller is able to better understand if the abnormal pressure reading is caused by a deposit build up, equipment failures, or if the pipeline in fact has an integrity issue.”

Good Well Integrity Can Make A Difference

Making sure of good well integrity can make a huge difference in the protection of workers and preventing damage to equipment. Oil and gas wells should be equipped with safety equipment and be regularly monitored for leakage of gas. This will help oil and gas operators to take timely action in capping the leaks and preventing the situation from getting out of hand.

Scott Anderson said in a recent article:

“Well integrity includes key principles like multiple barriers of protection, appropriate safety equipment, frequent testing and maintenance, and monitoring of well conditions that might indicate potential leaks to the environment.”

Gas storage facilities need to have regular inspections and use gas detection equipment to monitor for leakage of gas. This will help them to carry on their operations safely.

Leak detection efforts need to be stepped up in order to prevent any harm to the environment. Oil and gas operators and chemical facilities that produce gas need to step up their leak detection efforts to protect the community and the environment.

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