No matter what work environment an employee may be in, the possibility of a gas leak can almost always exist. Since it usually takes only a few minutes for a gas leak to cause injuries or even fatalities, companies are always seeking the latest detection systems that will allow them to maintain the highest levels of safety. For more and more companies, that choice ultimately results in the installation of open path gas detectors. Considered state-of-the-art detection systems, they are known for performing well in many different types of work environments. To learn more about how these detectors can maybe save your life one day, here are key details regarding their features.

Wireless Monitoring

Since open path detectors use multiple pathways to detect a variety of gases, it’s crucial they be equipped to be easily adapted to numerous work areas. To make this happen, modern detectors are designed to be compatible with most wireless data networks. With this feature, they can link to numerous systems within a company, enabling them to transmit real-time data to many sources. Along with sending data to off-site monitoring centers, they can also link to mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. In doing so, on-site managers, engineers, and maintenance personnel can also have instant access to gas level readings, enabling them to take immediate action to avert a crisis.

Infrared Technology

By using advanced infrared technology, an open path combustible gas detector can be much more effective in determining when gas levels are putting others at risk. In addition to this, the multiple path technology and infrared capabilities make these detectors able to perform well in work environments where harsh conditions may exist. From an offshore drilling platform with high humidity levels to a manufacturing plant with temperature extremes, infrared technology is adaptable to virtually any workplace.

Mobile Detection Systems

Since most industrial facilities are rather large, managers and other personnel often spend many hours each day being in many different areas. As a result, they may find themselves in areas that can be isolated, possibly putting them at risk if a gas leak occurs. To minimize these risks, companies are now investing in a mobile open path infrared gas detector. By giving this specialized detector to employees who may be working in confined spaces or other isolated areas, safety levels can greatly increase. Able to be clipped to clothing or positioned near equipment, these detectors can make any task much safer. And since they can relay information directly to monitoring centers, engineers can keep a close eye on what is happening, and can be in contact with on-site managers immediately if a serious situation occurs.

Many More Features

While these features are very impressive, the good news is that these detectors possess even more innovative features designed to keep workers safe. If you are ready to learn more about how an open path gas detection system can benefit your company, contact an Applications Engineer at Global Detection Systems. To do so, call 409-927-2980.

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