Considered one of the most technologically-advanced ways to analyze efficiency and accuracy within industrial settings, process monitoring has become one of the most valuable tools within many companies. From oil and gas companies to auto manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, and others, this method of analysis can be used in numerous areas. Whether gauging if certain types of equipment are working properly or determining if certain tasks performed by employees could be made easier and more efficient, process monitors play a key role in helping companies improve their daily operations.

Flow Meters

When using a process monitor to analyze equipment efficiency, flow meters play a pivotal role in producing results that are very accurate and reliable. Using digital process monitors, companies can monitor sample streams of gases using a combination of infrared, electrochemical, and photoionization technology. By doing so, flow measurements and sample conditioning can be analyzed by engineers, enabling them to create new methods or modify existing ones that result in greater overall efficiency.

Oxygen Streams

Along with the importance of flow meters, wireless process monitoring is also used in situations where companies need to test oxygen streams near pipelines or other types of equipment or facilities. Using state-of-the-art electrochemical sensors, the monitors can measure hydrogen sulfide and other gases located in the area, letting engineers and technicians not only check for possible leaks, but also gain a greater understanding of how the equipment is performing. A low-cost option that also requires little calibration to be successful, this method is becoming more popular with companies in numerous industries.

Real-Time Data Analysis

To make the best possible decisions regarding efficiency, safety, and other areas important to an industrial facility, engineers and technicians must have the ability to view data in real-time. By having this option, they can not only have the latest and most up-to-date information from which to make decisions, but also gather much greater amounts of data in a quicker period of time. This can be crucial when evaluating quality control methods in various departments, since minor problems can be detected before they become more serious and possibly dangerous. And because decisions can be made quicker, companies also save large amounts of money and time.

Machine Maintenance and Monitoring

Since companies invest millions of dollars in equipment of all types, it’s vital it be kept in excellent working order. To do so, monitoring by process technology can accomplish this and much more. For example, rather than be caught by surprise when a machine part wears out, this monitoring system can send engineers data telling them the part is close to wearing out. Thus, technicians can replace it before an unexpected shutdown happens, helping avoid large losses of revenue for the company.

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Because monitoring machinery and other industrial tasks through process technology is still relatively new and changing constantly due to technological advances, you’re sure to have numerous questions as to how this technology can help your company. To learn more about it, contact Global Detection Systems today.

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