This article highlights the need to develop a suitable fire safety program for workers, based on the industry and nature of substances handled at the workplace. This will help in preventing fire-related injuries and in reducing the number of casualties.

California Explosion Injures Four Workers

The explosion which took place in a processing facility at the ExxonMobil refinery two days ago in Torrance, California has once again brought to light the issue of worker safety. Four workers are reported to have suffered minor injuries in the incident.
As reported in a recent news article:

“The cause of the blast has not been determined, but it occurred in one of the plant’s electrostatic precipitators, which are housed in a unit that had been shut down for maintenance in a process known as a turnaround, according to California Division of Occupational Safety and Health spokeswoman Erika Monterroza.”

While it is a good idea to invest in fire safety equipment, it is also recommended that you set in place a fire safety protocol. This will educate workers about the steps that they should follow, in case of a fire.

To Better Prepare Workers To Deal/Manage Fires

It is important to keep the fire safety training program realistic, by providing real-world scenarios that closely resemble the situations that workers may find themselves in. This will prepare workers to manage a crisis situation and get to safety, without getting upset or overwhelmed by the situation. Provide real-world scenarios to workers and help them to defuse the situation. This will train workers to manage a fire outbreak or a sudden explosion at the factory or workplace.

Workers who need to handle flammable substances in either gas, liquid or chemical form at the workplace should be provided suitable fire safety training. Since the substances are highly flammable, caution should be practiced and rigorous training provided to prevent a fire or a possible explosion from taking place.

Ryan O’Donnell said in a recent article:

“The key to a successful fire safety program is to adequately prepare employees to face real hazards in the workplace… Your job is to engage your employees by making their training as realistic as possible – from the training methods to the locations and scenarios.”

Not sure about the need to develop a fire safety program for workers in your company? This article explains why you need to develop a suitable fire safety program for workers in your company.