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Leak Detection Efforts To Be Stepped Up To Control Gas Leaks

Posted by on Jul 2, 2016 in Gas Leak Detection, Leak Detector Kit | 0 comments

Gas leaks can be devastating to the environment, as it can accelerate the greenhouse effect, making the climate warmer. Industrial facilities that produce gas as a by-product or leak gas due to faulty equipment need to be monitored and repaired promptly to prevent further damage to the environment. There are many gas monitoring systems that you can use to detect gas leak, depending on the type of your facility. Read this article to find out why leak detection efforts need to be stepped up to control gas leaks from oil and gas wells and pipelines.

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Oil And Gas Operators Should Be Investing In Leak Detection And Repair Efforts

Posted by on Jun 9, 2016 in Gas Detectors, Gas Leak Detection, Leak Detector Kit | 0 comments

Methane emissions are on the increase, according to recent studies. Oil and gas operators will do well to invest in leak detection and repair efforts as they can save money in the long run. When methane gas emissions are sealed, it will prevent loss of precious fuel source, resulting in economic benefits. From using drones to detect leaks in remote locations to using apps to monitor underground pipelines, there are many ways in which oil and gas operators can invest in leak detection and repair initiatives.

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The Proper Usage of a Combustion Leak Detector Kit

Posted by on Dec 29, 2014 in Combustion Leak Detector Kit, Gas Leak Detection, Leak Detector Kit | 0 comments

Many industrial processes produce flammable or poisonous gases as a byproduct or primary product. For this reason, making use of an effective network of combustion leak detectors is a vital part of ensuring the safety of employees and visitors alike. This is especially important due to the fact that many of these chemicals, such as natural gas, are odorless and invisible to the naked eye.

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