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Why You Need Gas Meters For Confined Spaces

Posted by on Sep 24, 2016 in Gas Meter | 0 comments

In the oil and gas industry, monitoring for gas in confined spaces is an important aspects of a company’s safety program. Whether on an offshore oil rig or within the confines of a large manufacturing facility, numerous workers each day spend large amounts of time in confined spaces. To ensure they are able to complete their tasks safely and successfully, most companies now install gas meters in confined spaces to alert workers and others nearby to potential danger. In order to ensure your workplace offers a safe environment, here are some additional reasons why a gas meter is needed for confined spaces.

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Understanding and Using Your H2S Meter

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Gas Meter | 0 comments

In today’s modern oil and gas industry, it has become more important than ever for companies to monitor for dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide. To do so, many have implemented programs using H2S meters that have been equipped with numerous technological advances. Using such capabilities as real-time data transmission, personal monitoring, and increased accuracy and reliability, an H2S meter can make a tremendous difference in keeping not only individual employees much safer, but also in helping companies maintain greater overall safety of their facilities and equipment.

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Choose Safe, Reliable And Affordable Gas Monitors

Posted by on Feb 20, 2015 in Gas Meter | 0 comments

Choosing “the best” gas monitor isn’t based solely on company name. When you’re on the market for this equipment, look at what you need above all else. With so many options out there, narrowing down the requirements of your ideal monitor equates to narrowing down the vast majority of choices. Whether you have a running list or have just started the search, keep these three specifics in mind.

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