From medical research labs and water treatment facilities to offshore drilling platforms and various manufacturing facilities, the threat of fires and explosions is always a possibility. However, as technology has advanced in the field of gas leak detection, combustion leak detectors have become the primary way to keep employees and facilities safe from these catastrophic accidents. Using a variety of advanced technological features, these detectors can make any facility much safer. But since there are many new features now included in combustion detectors, it’s important to know all you can about them when making your decision.

Programmable Electronics

To make sure combustion gas detectors are functioning properly, it’s important they be equipped with technology that enables engineers to ensure the detectors are properly calibrated. If this does not happen, it’s possible the detectors can relay inaccurate data or produce false alarms, both of which can make situations more dangerous. Therefore, it’s always best to select detectors that include programmable electronic systems. By doing so, engineers in monitoring centers can calibrate the detectors in real-time, enabling them to make sure the data transmitted is accurate and reliable.

Smart Sensors

As the technology in these detectors has become more advanced, one of the biggest breakthroughs has been the addition of smart sensors. With these key electronic pieces, a combustion gas leak detector can not only send real-time data to engineers, but also automatically anticipate various changes in the environment, allowing it to re-calibrate based on current conditions. Along with this, the sensors can send data to engineers that may indicate certain trends or problems, allowing careful analysis that can result in repairing or replacing equipment before a serious situation develops.

Graphs and Displays

Along with the data that is sent to engineers located in monitoring centers miles away from a facility, it’s also important for on-site engineers and maintenance technicians to have access to accurate and reliable data. Because of this, today’s detectors are now equipped with state-of-the-art graphs and other displays, which detail real-time data that can be easily analyzed by on-site personnel. And since these detectors have the capability to store vast amounts of information, engineers and other safety personnel can go back and analyze past data, which can often lead to changes being made in safety procedures, equipment maintenance and installation, and other related areas.

Work Environment Performance

Since these detectors will be installed in areas where harsh environmental conditions will be present, always make sure the detectors selected are made to withstand certain conditions. Whether your work area contains extreme temperatures, high humidity levels, dust, dirt, or other environmental factors, installing the proper detectors can ensure that no matter the conditions, the detectors will stand up to the toughest environmental conditions and still transmit accurate and reliable data.

Learn the Facts

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