In numerous types of work environments, a variety of harmful gases can lead to serious consequences if left undetected. Whether it’s hydrogen, carbon dioxide, or other substances, workers need to be kept as safe as possible when these gases are nearby. To accomplish this, facilities use highly specialized sensors at various points throughout the facility, all of which constantly transmit data to on-site managers as well as monitoring centers located nearby. As the detection systems have become more sophisticated in recent years, many have started to incorporate alarm system control panels into their operation. To know if you need a system with an alarm control panel, here are some points to keep in mind.

Work Environment Layout

Since each work area has a unique layout, it’s important to take this into consideration when purchasing a detection system. To determine if you need an aarm control panel, consider such factors as the size of your layout, the gases that will need to be monitored, and how the pipes that transport these gases are laid out. By taking all this into consideration, the correct sensors can be installed at various points along the way. Once it’s determined how many sensors will be needed and where they will be installed, you can decide if aarm control panels are needed to help provide greater levels of safety.

Detection Radius

In workplaces that have a large detection radius, it’s usually a good idea to have wired alarm control panels. By being placed in a central location, the alarm panel will make it much easier to control the system and receive data. In addition to this, a fire alarm control panel usually has an audio alarm and alarm light. Specifically programmed to receive and interpret information from nearby sensors, the control panels can work in conjunction through a central readout station. In doing so, the entire system can then be programmed to automatically shut down if an emergency situation occurs, enabling rescue personnel to save lives.

Detection Network

In plants, refineries, or other areas where workers are spread out over a large area, control panels can prove to be very useful in allowing the sensor network to be easily connected and controlled. Especially useful in areas where confined spaces are located near boilers and mixing containers, the control panels can then be connected directly or through a wireless network. By having these options, data can then be sent to on-site supervisors as well as engineers located in monitoring centers. This not only allows data to be quickly analyzed, but also offers real-time data that can be transmitted to various mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Make the Right Choice

Because alarm control panels are responsible for ensuring an entire system of sensors work in conjunction to keep a work environment safe for employees, it’s vital to make the right choice when selecting a control panel. To do so, contact a consultant at Global Detection Systems by calling 409-927-2980 or providing your contact information at

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