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Monitoring Benzene Is Essential To Your Safety And Success

Exposure to benzene can be one of the most dangerous situations workers in industrial facilities and other similar environments face. Companies make it a high priority to have monitoring systems that can quickly detect benzene leaks that could occur near equipment, pipelines, and around storage areas.

The chemical benzene, which is a colorless liquid at room temperature, is widely used in many industrial applications, Natural processes, such as forest fires and volcanoes also result in the creation of benzene. In typical industrial applications, benzene is used to make intermediate compounds that eventually end up in plastics, nylon, resin and other synthetics. This widespread use makes a benzene detector essential in your safety procedures.

As a volatile organic compound (VOC), benzene VOC is very flammable in high concentrations, and also has a sweet odor. It is quick to evaporate into the air, creating flammable vapor which is heavier than the air itself, and will sink into low-lying areas. Traditional catalytic bead sensors are often used to detect combustible levels.

The Effects of Benzene Leaks & Exposure

Beyond being very flammable, benzene is known to be a carcinogen that is toxic to humans even at very low levels. Benzene can cause respiratory problems as well as damage to the nervous system. Benzene is one of the most dangerous substances workers can be exposed to while on the job. In numerous work environments, such as offshore drilling platforms and automotive manufacturing facilities, maintenance technicians and other employees perform tasks in environments that may be prone to benzene leaks.

Because of this, companies now place a greater emphasis on installing benzene gas detectors in areas where the threat of benzene exposure is quite high. This widespread use makes a benzene detector essential for your safety procedures. The permissible exposure limit put in place by OSHA is no more than five parts per million (ppm) after 15 minutes. This benzene VOC level is well under the amounts that become flammable, so detection at the ppm level is usually recommended.

Around-the-Clock Benzene Detection

Since almost all industrial facilities are in operation 24/7, it is crucial to have monitoring systems in place that can detect benzene leaks when they occur. And with today’s benzene monitors around-the-clock monitoring is much easier than with previous detectors. Today’s benzene monitors possess state-of-the-art advanced technology that requires little calibration, yet still, maintain high levels of accuracy and reliability all the time.

There is nothing more important to a technician’s safety than having access to accurate and reliable detecting of benzene. Especially when workers may spend most of their days installing, repairing, and troubleshooting equipment in confined spaces. If a valve or pipe begins to leak in a confined space, workers there who may be unaware of the leaks could be in serious danger.

Portable Benzene Detectors

Therefore, companies now provide technician workers with portable benzene gas detectors in an effort to increase safety levels. Whether it’s a handheld monitor or a smaller unit that can be clipped to clothing such as shirts or belts, these monitors play a key role in allowing workers to have instant access & knowledge of potential benzene levels in their area.

Multi-Faceted Alarm Capabilities

Industrial facilities and other types of companies can bedifferent in many ways so it is crucial the detection systems that are installed have multiple types of alarm system capabilities. In doing so, the systems can be effective no matter the type of work environment in which they are located. Due to the variety of settings in which these systems are installed, most alarms are equipped with flashing yellow and red lights, strobes, and sirens.

The Importance of Installing a Benzene Detector

Whether it’s a large manufacturing plant where workers are spread out over a large area or a drilling platform where noise may play a factor, benzene alarm detectors have proven to be very effective.

As a result, workers can be quickly alerted to potentially dangerous situations in any type of environment, even in ones where workers are spread out over long distances or where noise may hinder the effectiveness of audible alarms.

In situations where a benzene leak occurs, it often stems from a broken valve or pipe. Because it’s very easy for these leaks to go undetected for periods of time, having monitors with process control functions can alert maintenance workers and safety personnel on impending danger. Equipment that is broken or has other malfunctions can be detected much faster than in previous years, enabling repairs to be made before an instance becomes critical.

GDS Corp’s PhotoIonization (PID) Sensors Make Ideal Benzene Detectors

Since monitoring for benzene levels is so critical to worker safety, utilizing the most modern detection systems can make all the difference. GDS Corp GASMAX II gas monitors with photoionization detector (PID) sensors make ideal benzene detectors, and can also alert you to the presence of, similar VOCs. By exposing ambient air to strong ultraviolet light, PID sensors ionize passed through benzene molecules. After exposure to the UV light, any resulting flow of excess electrons indicates the presence of benzene. The GASMAX II gas monitor supports interoperable catalytic bead and PID sensors, making it possible for the unit to be configured for both high and low level detection with a simple change of the sensor. GDS Corp is proud to provide this important aspect of benzene detection.

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