Natural gases such as methane, carbon and hydrogen have various commercial and industrial applications. They are efficient, clean and relatively safe sources of fuel. Natural gas does not pose any threat when it is sealed up inside pipes and tanks. However, a gas leak can cause significant damage to your business assets. Some of the most important assets for many businesses include human resources, furniture, equipment and business buildings. Gas detection alarms can help your business avoid losses as a result of gas leaks.


Natural gas is flammable. The smallest spark ignited around a gas leak can start a fire. Gas detection alarms can detect dangerously flammable gas leaks and alert safety personnel and engineers so that they can fix the gas leak to prevent fires and other types of damages to your business. Industrial and commercial appliances can create a spark that may ignite a fire in a gas leak. Natural gas is extremely flammable and a spark from a match, cigarette lighter or computer can cause a fire. Practicing fire safety tips will help you prevent a major fire.


A gas leak can lead to the collection of gas in a room. As more and more gas collects inside the room, the gas becomes increasingly volatile. An open flame or spark from an electrical appliance can cause an explosion. The spark needed to create the explosion can be caused by the most harmless activities such as turning on a light switch, plugging or unplugging electrical appliances and lighting a cigarette. The explosion can cause significant damage to your business assets.

Health Effects

Gas leaks can have detrimental effects on the most important asset for most businesses: human resources. Gas leaks are dangerous to both humans and animals. In extreme cases, natural gas leaks can cause death from asphyxiation. Exposure to excessive amounts of gas can make you unconscious. If you are not helped out of your office or workplace, death could follow. Call emergency personnel if your office or workplace gas alarms go off. It is important to use a phone away from the office. Your office phone may cause a spark. Gas leaks can also cause sudden or increased exhaustion. These symptoms usually disappear as a person gets fresh air again.

Inefficient Furnace

Furnaces are common features in many commercial and industrial centers. A furnace requires sufficient ventilation to burn gas effectively and efficiently. A furnace that does not function effectively can cause carbon monoxide to accumulate in your office. Carbon monoxide inhalation deprives the body of oxygen, which has many health effects including nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, headaches and dizziness.