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Combustible Gas Detection – Infrared or Catalytic Bead?

Posted by on Mar 10, 2018 in Catalytic & Infrared Sensors, Combustion Leak Detector Kit | 0 comments

In many types of work environments, having reliable and accurate gas detection systems for combustible gases is a must. Whether it’s confined spaces on an offshore platform or a research lab in a medical manufacturing company, having the best possible system to quickly detect high gas levels can help prevent a fire or explosion. For many companies, the best choices for combustible gas detection comes down to infrared or catalytic bead sensors. However, because there are many differences in these open path detectors, deciding between them can be difficult. To make the choice easier, here are some factors to consider before making your final decision.

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The Purpose Of A VOC Detector With Confined Space Monitor

Posted by on Mar 7, 2018 in VOC Sensors | 0 comments

For employees who work in various industries and spend much of their workday in confined spaces, there is always the threat of high gas levels that could result in fires or explosions. Because of this potential danger, it’s extremely important for these areas to be monitored very closely. To accomplish this, companies need to invest in hydrogen sulfide gas detectors that possess the capability to monitor confined spaces within many different work environments. To learn more about this critical issue, here are some reasons why a VOC detector with confined space monitoring can ensure workers stay safe.

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How To Test Your Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Posted by on Mar 5, 2018 in Carbon Monoxide Detectors | 0 comments

In any industrial work area, there are numerous pieces of equipment that need to be monitored and checked on a regular basis to ensure they are working properly. Some of the most important are volatile organic compound detectors, also known as VOC detectors. Found in virtually every type of industrial setting, these detectors play a key role in keeping workers safe from toxic gas buildups, as well as gas buildups that can lead to fires or explosions. However, once these detectors are installed, it’s vital to maintain a regular maintenance schedule to ensure they are always in proper working order. If you find yourself needing to establish a regular maintenance schedule for your detection system, here are some tips to use when testing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

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Why Ignoring LEL Meter Will Cost You Time and Money

Posted by on Mar 3, 2018 in LEL Detector | 0 comments

As any company knows, the slightest mistake can cost not only precious time, but also money. This is especially important when keeping employees and facilities safe, since a breakdown in equipment or a fire or explosion can bring things to a halt in a hurry. Because no company wants these things to happen, there has been a greater emphasis on equipping industrial facilities of all types with state-of-the-art natural gas detectors. If your company is in need of detection systems that will have numerous features to maintain high levels of safety, here are some reasons why ignoring LEL meters will cost you time and money.

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How To Better Understand Your Infrared Gas Detector

Posted by on Mar 1, 2018 in Infrared (IR) Gas Detection | 0 comments

As technology revolutionizes gas detection equipment, companies in various industries are looking closely at installing new systems or upgrading systems they already have in their facilities. For many companies, infrared gas detectors are becoming the most popular choice for a variety of reasons. State-of-the-art features in wireless networking, detection in harsh work environments, little or no maintenance and calibration, and other benefits make these LEL gas detection systems much easier to manage. If you are considering having LEL gas detectors installed in your facility, here are some aspects of these systems that are important to understand.

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